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Marijuana Intervention Course
Law specific courses for campus violation referrals.

Marijuana 101 is a fast-paced, relevant, and individualized for each student. We integrate their personalized feedback throughout the interactive portions of the course.

Marijuana 101 is a 6-lesson course that specifically addresses marijuana use and includes the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention for marijuana (formerly e-TOKE). The Marijuana 101 course also includes a 30-day Part 2 so that you can measure changes in students’ attitudes and behavior.
Our sanctions courses have a 95% compliance rate.


Course Introduction

This overview of the course includes a description of marijuana and a brief discussion regarding potency of the drug.

A Personal Decision

This lesson provides a basic understanding of psychoactive substances and describes the delivery system, tolerance factors, withdrawal, and addiction potential for major drug types.

How Marijuana Works

This lesson describes how marijuana affects the brain. We also list other health risks and briefly explore the controversial medical marijuana debate.

Marijuana & Health Issues

We describe the marijuana “high” and how THC impacts short term memory. We consider health concerns and the controversial issue of using marijuana for medicinal purposes.


The daily user will experience additional risks from frequent use. This lesson looks at recent studies regarding the impact of marijuana use on student grades and education. We also explore how frequent use can affect your standard of living and job performance.

The Law

We include general information about the marijuana laws in America and some things to consider before you decide to break these laws.

Time For A Change

This lesson provides information, self-help tools, and resources for individuals who want to reduce or stop their marijuana use.
View our Recorded Webinar on Brief Interventions for Marijuana Use
presented by Dr. Scott Walters, Associate Professor,
University of Texas School of Public Health

Additional referenced resources:
Assessing Problem Marijuana Use in College Students By Betsy D. Foy EdD, CHES, Washington University in St. Louis
Short scales to assess cannabis-related problems: a review of psychometric properties By Piontek et al
Factors That May Impact Consumption RAND Report
Summary of Findings RAND Report

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Marijuana 101