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Alcohol Intervention Course
These are state law specific courses for campus violation referrals.

Under the Influence is fast-paced, relevant, and individualized for each student. We integrate their personalized feedback throughout the interactive portions of the course.

80% of students respond that the interactions were interesting and helpful.

Under the Influence is an alcohol intervention course used for on-campus violations that takes about 3 hours for a student to complete. The course is designed to reduce negative consequences and is presented in a motivational interviewing style.

Under the Influence includes the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention for alcohol (formerly e-CHUG).

77% of students respond that our courses will help them avoid future problems with alcohol.


A Personal Decision

Knowledge Tests, Attitude & Behavior Surveys, Self-Assessment

How Alcohol Works

Discussions of tolerance, withdrawal, mixing with drugs

Alcohol in the Body

Alcohol absorption and BAC levels

Abuse and Effects on Health

Exploration of health issues

Where are you with Alcohol?

Discovery of perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and choices

Consequences of Abuse

Exploring how alcohol & drugs impact academics and social behavior

You and the Law

Legal issues, perceptions, and state specific laws

Dealing with Alcohol

Exploring psychological problems

Optional Sexual Assault Add-on Lesson

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Under the Influence