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Alcohol-Wise Prevention Course
Alcohol-Wise is our evidence-based course typically used for incoming first-year students to change student perceptions, reduce risk for freshmen, and impact campus culture.
Voluntary compliance for the Alcohol-Wise course is 92%.

The motivational interviewing style course is written to reduce student resistance and to integrate personalized feedback into the interactive portions of the course.

Alcohol-Wise includes the evidence-based eCHECKUP TO GO created by our partners at San Diego State University.

The course is one hour and 15 minutes long, which includes the 30-day Part 2 portion. The Sexual Assault module adds 15 minutes to the course if this add-on module is included.

92% of students respond that the content of the course was appropriate and easy to understand.
Student focus groups overwhelmingly choose Alcohol-Wise for campus-wide alcohol education.


Alcohol-Wise Lessons

Getting Started

Knowledge Tests, Attitude & Behavior Surveys, Self-Assessment

The Buzz

Alcohol absorption and BAC levels

Alcohol Use

Discovery of perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and choices


Exploring how alcohol & drugs impact academics and social behavior

Optional Sexual Assault Add-on Lesson

Optional Social Responsibility Add-on Lesson

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Alcohol-Wise Course