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Evidence-based Interventions for Courts
During the last decade, courts have been diverting underage drinking, petty theft, marijuana possession, and other misdemeanor cases to diversion programs…allowing the court to deal with more serious offenses.

For many first offenders, this is a “teachable moment.” However, not all offender education programs are up to the task…particularly those classes that are overcrowded, expensive or use outdated methods. Courts want streamlined, effective intervention solutions that can keep up with the demand of larger and larger caseloads.

3rd Millennium online alcohol, marijuana, and theft education courses are the most widely used programs across the nation for these types of misdemeanor violations. We’re personally committed to developing the best evidence-based interventions available today. In 2004 we formed an alliance with the San Diego State University Research Foundation to create online alcohol and drug education programs guided by the strongest research available.

As the provider of these programs, we continually ask ourselves two questions. Are we making a difference in reducing high risk behavior? And what can we do better?




Effective programs are brief, motivational, and provide social skills training