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Greek-Wise Prevention Course
Greek-Wise is our evidence-based course typically used for new members to change perceptions, reduce risks, and positively impact the culture.

The motivational interviewing style course integrates Personalized Feedback into the interactive portions of the course.

Greek-Wise includes the evidence-based eCHECKUP TO GO created by our partners at San Diego State University.

The course is one hour and 15 minutes long, which includes the 30-day Part 2 portion.

Members on campuses that also use our Alcohol-Wise program will not duplicate work. If a member takes both the Alcohol-Wise course and Greek-Wise, the member will be able to review the common alcohol-related lessons rather than have to re-take those lessons.


Information on hazing

The Buzz

Alcohol absorbtion and BAC levels

Alcohol Use

Discovery of perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and choices


Exploring how alcohol & drugs impact academics and social behavior

Sexual Assault

Sexual consequences related to alcohol

The Law

Legal issues and perceptions

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Greek-Wise Course